These two kinds of olive oil, I did my best to import,
It was really, really good.

The new Favolosa from DIEVOLE.

It wasn't bottled for Japan yet, so it's only 500ml size.

500ML is better
It's a much cheaper amount to use without worrying,

In Japan, 250ml tends to sell better.

In Japan, it is still recognized as a "special oil" that is very expensive compared to salad oil.

Certainly, it is a "special oil".

Extra virgin olive oil

Fresh olives
As soon as you harvest, crush the skin and seeds.
From the resulting juice

Just minus the moisture
Not even heated
No drugs are used

100%It's olive juice.

This olive juice is

Made in a clean, temperature-controlled factory

Stored in vacuum shading stainless steel tanks

It is bottled into a blackout bottle just before shipping.

(1) Not only is it wonderfully delicious.

(2) Very nutritious

And what!

(3) It can also be used as oil!!!

Isn't it amazing!!!!!

If you think about it like that

It's not expensive, is it?

It's a special oil that kills three birds with one stone.

Miso soup with lots of mushrooms and favolosa

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